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Please note that is no longer accepting new clients. services are priced as shown in the following table.

The first month of service is a "trial period" offered free of charge.  After the first month the yearly fees associated with your service are due. 

For reference, my experience thus far is that the mail volume associated with the majority of "personal" domains (which serve an average of five distinct email addresses) is generally less than 1000 messages (totaling less than 20mb) per month.  Many have less traffic than this; only a few have more.

Description Per Year

Basic Service - Incoming email only (SMTP delivery or address forwarding)
20mb / month $15 / yr
50mb / month $25 / yr
100mb / month $40 / yr
250mb / month $70 / yr
500mb / month $100 / yr
1gb / month $175 / yr
More than 1gb/month contact me

Outgoing SMTP Service add  $10 / yr
UUCP Service (includes incoming and outgoing email) add  $15 / yr
Additional domains, forwarded to the same server(s)
(traffic is combined for billing purposes)
add  $5 / yr
(per domain)

Consult the FAQ for information on accepted payment methods and how traffic volumes are calculated.  If you'd like to arrange service, head over to the order page.  If you're wondering why I charge for this service at all, look here.

Prices are quoted in US dollars.

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